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Why Radio?

A Worldwide, Web-Based Radio Station for the Care, Treatment, and Recovery of Children with Autism

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Helping children with autism means providing parents, families, and professionals with the best information, practices, and education in the timeliest manner in the most useful format.

Printed words are fine for a number of things: text works well when referencing materials, when reviewing known topics. Text is not the vehicle to reach and teach parents struggling with new and at times frightening issues and concepts.

The answer is the spoken word. A voice conveys information, nuances, purpose and emphasis printed words cannot begin to capture. A voice is active; resonating with thought and emotion, turning ideas into understandable practice.

Better still is the ability to ask questions. Our Internet real-time radio format allows folks to call or email questions to the hosts and get real answers: truthful, honest, unbeholden to special interest groups. The only group we serve is the autism community.

Autism One Radio presents knowledgeable, caring hosts providing answers to many of the most important questions. We cover a wide range of topics, including the most effective treatments and therapies, school concerns, legal issues, government policies, family dynamics and more.

The web, unlike TV and land-based radio stations, is not constrained to geographic boundaries. The web reaches everyone from the East Coast to the West from Europe to the Philippines and every point in between.

Autism One Radio will
  • Reach a worldwide audience via the Internet;
  • Provide live programming;
  • Interview the most knowledgeable experts;
  • Feature unique shows hosted by leading authorities;
  • Be interactive: email your questions, call us;
  • Cover breaking news;
  • Be a voice of hope, effective options, treatments and therapies;
  • Present the highest-quality information and education;
  • Energize the autism community;
  • Promote change.

Pathways Medical Advocates / Elementals Living
Directed by John H. Hicks, M.D., F.A.A.P.

International Child Development Resource Center ICDRC
Directed by
Jeff Bradstreet, M.D. F.A.A.F.P



























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