Dietary Intervention may be that one piece of "the puzzle" which helps a child with ASD toward the road for recovery.

Parent surveys done by The Autism Research Institute list the GFCF Diet as one of the most Successful Interventions for the Treatment of Autistic Spectrum Disorders.    

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Since 1999, this website, has been 
assisting parents & individuals with information about The "GFCF Diet".
We are a free resource for any parent who needs support implementing a gluten free - casein free diet ( GFCF Diet ). This website provides a central location for parents to find other parents who are also using Dietary Therapy.  It is the largest free resource of its kind on the Internet, not only providing lists of products to help guide you through the Grocery Stores (ALWAYS READ LABELS!!) but other relevant information which will help every parent learn about Dietary Intervention.

Our website support forum, "GFCF Kids" was founded in December 1998 and now has a membership of over 15,000 families! It is free and easy to join.  The principle aim of this list is to provide a discussion forum for parents of children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders who are avoiding gluten and casein and other foods or ingredients in their children's diets. 

We are proud to announce over 150 individual support groups in the United States. Check our "Community Bulletin Board" for a listing of local support group meetings. Support is provided in local communities from other parents who are also maintaining a restrictive diet for their children.  We encourage you to tell others about this free resource which we believe will continue to help improve the lives of many children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

This document is not to be used as medical advice or in place of a qualified nutritionist. Many parents  have joined together  providing a list of foods they have found to be gluten and casein free.  Through our joint effort, we want to  help other parents who are also seeking to improve the lives of their children through nutritional foods that are gluten and casein free. This diet is helpful to our children.  This list is a guide to be used for calling and verifying that products are gluten and casein free.   It does not list every product that is gluten free and casein free. You must always read labels!  Use this list with caution due to the fact that manufacturers change their ingredients without warning. 

  • Success Stories sent to us
  • List of Unacceptable Ingredients
  • Extensive List of GFCF products/Ingredient Labels Must Be Read
  • Explanation of the GFCF Diet
  • Stages of GFCF Diet
  • Important Suggestions
  • Understanding How To Read Labels
  • Cross Contamination
  • Hidden Ingredients
  • Information about Nitrates, Phenols & Salicylates
  • Gluten Intolerance/Celiac Disease Information
  • List of local Dietary Intervention Support Groups
  • Recommended Books & DVD's
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