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The GFCF Diet Intervention - Autism Diet  

Gluten Free/Casein Free Food List
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This is not a complete listing of all GFCF Manufacturers

Companies listed below are not guaranteed  to have GFCF products.. When ordering by telephone or online, always verify that the products are gluten free and casein free! Always read labels!

The products listed on this website are to be used as a general guide ONLY.  There is NO guarantee that the product is gluten free and casein free.  Manufacturers are known to change ingredients without warning.  You must  ALWAYS read labels to verify ingredients. Call manufacturers for information about any questionable ingredients.  Manufacturer contact information is provided to help assist you.  

Disclaimer:  The content on this website is not to be taken as medical advice.  Consult with your medical practitioner for all medical advice.

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(When ordering via phone or online ALWAYS specify that products must be gluten free and casein free .)



Alpinaire Foods
National Distributors
8551 Cottonwood Road
Boxeman, MT 59718
406- 585-9324
Freeze dried foods: soups, snacks, etc.  Always verify gfcf! (Call for store locator)

Alpsnack Inc.
5825 Menorca Dr
San Diego, CA 92124
email: gspindle@sab,rr,com
Fruit & Nut Snacks (order online)

Amy's Kitchen, Inc.
P.O. Box 449
Petaluma, CA 94953 
Large variety of products. Not all of Amy's products are GFCF.  Amy's Kitchen's website lists product ingredients. (Note: Do not confuse wheat free with gluten free.  WHEAT FREE IS NOT GLUTEN FREE!  Amy's variety of products available in natural food stores, supermarkets, groceries and selected club stores throughout the U.S. and Canada. Always read labels and confirm ingredients

Always verify that the products are gluten free and casein free!

Annie Chun's Gourmet Food
54 Mark Drive, Suite 103
San Rafael, CA 94903
Pai Thai Noodles & Rice Noodles
(ingredient list on website & Online ordering)

Annie's Natural Snacks
564 Gateway Dr.
Napa CA 94558

Variety of condiments.  All products list ingredients on website Always confirm GFCF   (store locator online)

Applegate Farms
750 Rt. 202 South, Suite 300
Bridgewater, NJ 08807-5530

866 587 5858 
Meat Products (store locator website or order online)
Statement from website: Applegate Farms Antibiotic Free products are made with simple ingredients, the freshest spices and herbs, and salt. We never use nitrites, phosphates, binders or fillers. Always read labels and confirm ingredients.

Arrowhead Mills, Inc
Consumer Relations
The Hain Celestial Group, Inc
4600 Sleepytime Dr.
Boulder, CO 80301
Flour and Baking mixes many of which are Gluten & Casein free. Always confirm ingredients and read labels

Authentic Foods
1850 W. 169th Street, Suite B
Gardena, CA 90247
(800)806-4737 (Store locator on website and also shop online)
(mixes, baking supplies, GREAT pancake mix)

Always verify that the products are gluten free and casein free!

Aunt Candace Foods, Inc
Howell, MI 48843
GFCF Delicious protein snack bars


Barbara's, Inc.
20 Cameron Street
Clinton, MA 01510
800-343-0590 x1032 (large selection of gluten free and casein free products.  You will find Barbara's products in natural food stores and supermarkets nationwide.

Bean's R Us
Mail order catalog available or purchase online.

BestLife International, Inc. (Sammi's Best Soy Milk)
Order online

Always verify that the products are gluten free and casein free!

Birds Eye Foods 

Comstock & Wilderness Brands 
90 Linden Oaks
Rochester, NY 14625-2808
pie fillings sold in variety of grocery stores across the U.S.

Birkett Mills
163 Main Street
Penn Yan, NY 14527 
Buckwheat Flour (online ordering)
Although buckwheat has many grain-like characteristics, it is from an entirely different botanical family, and is actually a fruit. Since buckwheat is unrelated to the classic cereal grains, those who are allergic to wheat can usually tolerate buckwheat.

Bob's Red Mill
5209 SE International Way
Milwaukee, OR 97222
Variety of gfcf flours
(shop online & also store locator on website)


'Cause You're Special, Inc.
P.O. Box 316
Phillips, WI 54555
(online shopping) variety of 
Breads, Cookies, Cakes, Mixes. Product ingredients listed on website

Chocolate Emporium
14439 Cedar Road
South Euclid, OH 44121
GFCF Chocolate Specialties.  Always specify gluten free and casein free when ordering
(online store)

Cool Fruits - nSpired Foods
14855 Wicks Blvd.
San Leandro, CA 94577
Variety of  Snacks (possible cross contamination) Website provides ingredients information.
Store locator on website 

Creations by Kristin
P.O. Box 531
Streamwood, IL 60107
(breads, mixes, cookies, fudge, much more)
Online ordering

Always verify that the products are gluten free and casein free!


DeBoles - 
734 Franklin Ave. #444
Garden City, NY 11530
Semolina, Rice Pastas
Sold in natural food stores and many online grocery stores

DeLand Bakery
128 N. Woodland Blvd.
DeLand, FL 32720
Variety of baked goods.  Online ordering

Dietary Specialties
865 Centennial Ave.
Piscataway, NJ 08854
pretzels, mixes, condiments, baking supplies, cookies, pasta, snacks
Online ordering

Dr. Schar (Products include bread crumbs, pastry mix, crackers, toasts,  pasta & cookies) 
available in some natural health food stores and many online grocery stores.


Earth's Best Organic Baby Food 
(630) 595-8919
Baby Food
Always verify products are gluten free and casein free when ordering online.  Always read labels!
Store locator on website or order online

Eden Foods, Inc.
701 Tecumseh Rd
Clinton, MI 49236
Large variety of foods. Product ingredients listed on website.  Store locator on website. 
Also shop online. 

Always verify that the products are gluten free and casein free!

Edward & Sons Trading Company, Inc.
P.O. Box 1326
Carpinteria, CA 93014
Some GFCF products, product ingredients listed on website.  Online orders. Always specify gluten free and casein free when ordering by phone or online!

Edy's Whole Fruit Sorbet
Oakland, CA home office
locate a store on website 

Enjoy Life Foods 888-50-ENJOY
Tasty & nutritious foods free of all common allergens (NO wheat, gluten, dairy, casein, soy, corn, egg, tree nuts, peanuts, potato, GMO's, hydrogenated oil, additives or artificial anything!) Online shopping.

Empire Kosher
RR 5 Box 228 
Mifflintown, PA 17059
Poultry products sold nationwide, also online ordering

Ener-G Foods, Inc.
5960 First Avenue South
P.O. Box 84487
Seattle, WA 98124-5787
List of stores on website.  Also online orders
breads, pizza shells, donuts, mixes snacks, cookies, pastas, soup
mixes, gelatin desserts

Ewewhon - U.S. Mills, Inc.
200 Reservoir Street
Needham, MA 02494-3146
List of products and ingredients on website.  Store locator on website 

Always verify that the products are gluten free and casein free!

Expert Foods
P.O. Box 1855
Ellicott City, MD 21041
Store locator on website.  Also online purchases available.
A variety of  mixes.  Website includes ingredients found in products.  If any questions contact the company for verification of GFCF.

Food for Life Baking Co.
2991 E. Doherty  St.
Corona, CA 91719
Baked goods / search website for store locator

(The) Food Merchants - Quinoa Corporation
P.O. Box 279
Gardena, CA 90248
310-217-8125  Order online
Traditional Italian Polenta


Galaxy Nutritional Foods (Veggie Kingdom & Soyco)
2441 Viscount Row
Orlando, FL 32809
Cheese Alternative Order online and also sold in natural food stores.

Garden of Eatin (A division of The Hain Celestial Group, Inc.
58 south Service, Rd. STE 250
Melville, NY 11747
Tortilla chips made from corn
Store locator on website or online ordering

Gorge Delights, Inc.
396 Evergreen Drive
P.O. Box 252
North Bonneville, WA 98639
Snack Bars

Always verify that the products are gluten free and casein free!

Gillian's Foods, Inc.
462 Proctor Avenue
Revere, MA  02151-5730
Phone: (781)286-4095
Web site:
Online ordering. Product's ingredients included on website.

Gluten-Free Delights, Inc
P.O. Box 284
316 State St
Cedar Falls, IA 50613
Breads, buns, hot dog/hamburger rolls, pizza crust, mixes.  Online ordering.

Gluten-Free Savonnerie, Inc
Tyngsboro, MA
1-888-6GF-SOAP (1-888-643-7627) 
fax: 978-649-3388.
The premier source for gluten-free soaps, shampoo, lotions, etc.

Gluten Solutions
Online "grocery store" that specializes in gluten-free and many casein-free foods  

(The )Gluten-Free Cookie Jar
P O Box 52
Trevose, PA 19053 
1-888-GLUTEN-O (Phone number is the number zero)
Large variety of baked goods, pasta, cookies, cakes, breads.  Product ingredients listed on website.  Online orders.

Always verify that the products are gluten free and casein free!

(The) Gluten-Free Mall 
Specialists in gluten free and casein-free diets Food from 14 different manufacturers) 
Specify when ordering that every product must be gluten free and casein free. Online orders.

(The) Gluten-Free Pantry 
P.O. Box 840
Glastonbury, CT 06033
(mixes, baking supplies, pretzels) Product ingredient list online.
Website list of local stores.  Online ordering. 

Glutino (DeRoMa)
3750 Francis Hughes
Laval, Quebec
H7L 5A9 Canada
(800) 363 DIET
Huge selection of Gluten Free and Casein Free Breads, Pizza Crusts, Cookies, Bars, Crackers and all kinds of goodies!!! Product ingredient lists.  Shop online.

Goodday Gluten Free
514B North Western Avenue
Lake Forest, IL 60045
Great selection of GFCF products.  
(Note: Some products may contain casein. Verify dairy free when ordering.)

2651 Ariane Drive
San Diego, CA 92117
Snack Bars. Product ingredients listed on website.  Online ordering.

Grainaissance Inc.
1580 62nd Street
Emeryville, CA 94608
Puddings, Snack Bars Product ingredients listed on website.  Locate Stores on website or order online.


Harmony Farms (Tree of Life, Inc.)
405 Golfway West Drive,
St. Augustine, Florida 32095-8839
800 260-2424
Non-dairy beverages
(Store locator on website) 

Always verify that the products are gluten free and casein free!

Harvest Moon - Tree of Life, Inc.
P.O. Box 9000
St. Augustine, FL 32085-9000
Organic Fruit Spreads
(Store locator on website)

Healthy Goodies Gifts
1405 Brys Drive
Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 48236 
Features food gift baskets for those with food restrictions. Online orders or call.


Idahoan Foods
P.O. Box 130
529 North 3500 East
Lewisville, ID 83431
(800) 635-6100 
Instant potatoes Online shopping Call for store locations

I M Healthy  - Soynut Butter Co.
4220 Commercial Way
Glenview, IL 60025 
 800-288-1012 (find store locator on website)   Soy Nut Butter 
(No peanuts! but similar to peanut butter)

Imagine Foods, Inc.
350 Cambridge Ave Suite 350
Palo Alto, CA 94306
Many GFCF products. Website lists products and ingredients. Also, locate a store on website


Kali's Kitchen - Wheatless In Seattle
15700 Dayton Ave. N.
Seattle, Washington 98133-9710 
Seattle Bakery offering special diet foods upon request.  Purchase at their store or order products

Always verify that the products are gluten free and casein free!

Kinnikinnick Foods  
10306-112 Street
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5K 1N1

The Alta logo  identifies  GFCF products. Order online.  Highly recommended Alta Baked Goods.   Ships to 
the U.S. on a regular basis.

Kirkman Labs
6400 SW Rosewood Street
Lake Oswego, OR 97035
Gluten-free and casein free foods. Variety of baking mixes, drink mixes, and more
Selection of vitamins and supplements. Online ordering

R.W. Knudsen (variety of fruit juices - always verify ingredients)
P.O. Box 369
Chico, CA 95927  
store locator on website

Kitchen Et Cetera 877 655 1415
2630 Orleans 
Detroit, MI 48207
Bean flour.  Online ordering

Liberty Bakery 
2781 Wrights Road
Suite 1229
Oviedo, FL  phone: (407) 657-5342  (fax) (407) 657-8274


Mona's Gluten Free
13422 NE 177th Place
 Woodinville, Washington, USA
Gluten/Corn/Soy Free baking mixes.  All mixes are Casein Free with the exception of Bread/Roll & Pastry and Milk & Honey Brown Bread mixes (contain Skim Milk Powder).

Miss Roben's 
Box 1149      
Frederick, MD  21702
Online orders and store locator on website 
pretzels, home-made mixes for cakes, muffins, cookies, pancakes, etc.
Snacks, cookies, crackers, pasta, puddings, wafers, GFCF chocolate bits,
Also a large selection of products from  Bi-Aglut, Glutano, and Dr. Schar & more

Mrs. Leeper's Pasta, Inc.
12455 Kerran St. STE. 200
Poway, CA 92064-6855 
Assortment of pasta.  When ordering always specify products must be GFCF.

Mother's Mountain
110 Woodville Rd.
Falmouth, Maine 04105
Specialty sauces, mustards, jams, jellies, syrup and more. When ordering always specify products must be gluten free and casein free. Online ordering or call.

Always verify that the products are gluten free and casein free!

Mr. Spice
850 Aquidneck Ave.
Newport, RI 02842
Sauces. When ordering always specify items must be gluten free and casein free.

Mori Nu -Morinaga Nutritional Foods, Inc.
2050 W. 190th St #110
Torrance, CA 90504 
Variety of soy products. When ordering always specify gluten free and casein free.

Muir Glen
719 Metcalf St
Sedro-Woolley, WA 98284
Organic Tomato products, such as sauces, salsas, condiments, etc.  Always read labels and when ordering online specify products must be gluten free and casein free.


Namaste Foods, LLC  (corn free, soy free, potato free, gluten free, casein free mixes)
P.O. Box 3133
Coeur d'Alene, ID 83816 (208) 676-9632 or 1-866-258-9493 Online ordering
Pizza Crust Mix, Waffle & Pancake Mix, Brownie Mix, Muffin Mix, Spice/Carrot Cake Mix, Chocolate Cake Mix,
Blondies Mix

Neocate - SHS North America
P.O. Box 117
Gaithersburg, MD 20884-0117
This beverage (formula) product was developed for infants and children with milk  and other allergy induced disorders.  Doctors prescription is needed to purchase.

Always verify that the products are gluten free and casein free!

nSpired Natural Foods
14855 Wicks Blvd.
San Leandro, CA 94577 
Voice 510.686.0116
Variety of snack items.  Store Locator on website

Natural Noodles
PO Box 24006
Penticton, BC
V2A 8L9 Canada
1-800-556-3339 phone or fax 
Variety of Noodles.  Online ordering.

Nature's Path Foods
2220 Nature's Path Way
Blaine, WA 98230
cereals, breads, waffles, and bars (Locate a store on website)

Nu-World Amaranth 
GFCF  Cereals & more.  Store locator on website.


Omega Smart Bars
Natural & nutritional Health Bar (Website store locator or order online)


Pacific Foods
19480 SW 97th Ave.
Tualatin, Oregon 97062 
Variety of GFCF Beverages, broths and soups. Sold in many stores and online.  Call for store location near you.

Always verify that the products are gluten free and casein free!

Pamela's Products
200 Clara Avenue
Ukiah, CA 95482
Phone 707-462-6605 
GFCF cookes & Brownie Mix 
(store locator on website and sold online)

Pastariso - Rice Innovations, Inc
8175 Winston Churchill Blvd.Norval, Onatrio 
Variety of Rice Pasta Locate a store on website and sold online.

Peanut Wonder 
Distributed by:
American Natural Specialties
1750 Tree Boulevard
St. Augustine, FL 32086
Tel: 904-824-4699
product found in natural food stores throughout the U.S.


Quaker Oats 
Quaker, a unit of PepsiCo Beverages & Foods
P.O. Box 049003
Chicago, Il 60604-9003
Sold in most grocery stores.  The ONLY  large Acceptable Rice Cakes are Apple Cinnamon, Caramel, Plain Salted & Unsalted / Possible cross contamination.

Quinoa Corporation
Post Office Box 279
Gardena, CA. 90248
(310) 217-8125
Quinoa Pasta & Food Merchant Ready Organic Polenta (online ordering)


(T)he Really Great Food Company 
P. O. Box 319
Malverne, NY 11565
(Good cornbread mix) Call to order

Red Star Yeast 
Sold in Grocery Stores

Road's End Organics. (Chreese)
120 Pleasant Street, Suite E-1
Morrisville, VT 05661
Imitation Chreese & Macaroni & more) Locate a store on website or shop online.


Santa Cruz 
530- 899-5010
  (store locator on website)
Organic GFCF apple sauce, juices, etc.

Shadybrook Farms
5688 Valley Pine
Mt. Crawford, VA 22841
Store locator on website

Always verify that the products are gluten free and casein free!

Shelton's Poultry, Inc.
204 N. Loranne
Pomona, CA 91767
(800) 541-1833 
List of ingredients and product locator on website.  Always read labels.

350 S. Toole Avenue
Tucson, Arizona 85701
Variety of products which include list of ingredients.  Online ordering 

Solana Gold 
P.O. Box 1340
Sebastopol, CA 95473
Online ordering- call for store locator

Soyco/Soymage Foods 
2441 Viscount Row
Orlando, FL  32809
Soymage Dairy/Casein Free Products 
Store Locator on website

Soy Delicious
- Turtle Mountain, Inc.
PO Box 21938
Eugene, OR 97402
Ph. (541) 338-9400
Store locator on website  

Springtree Corporation
P.O. Box 1160
Brattleboro, VT 05302
Canoleo® 100% Canola Margarine (sold in Natural/Health Food stores and some Grocery stores )

Special Foods
9207 Shotgun Court
Springfield, VA 22153
703-644-0991 Online ordering

Spectrum Naturals (mayonnaise only read labels!)
1304 So. Point Blvd. Ste/ 280
Petaluma, CA 94954 Store locator online

Stressless Gourmet  (On-Line Ordering)
15203 Pearl Rd.
Stongville, OH 44136 440-878-2025

Sunspire Natural Foods
14855 Wicks Blvd.
San Leandro, CA 94577
Voice 510.686.0116
Website includes product ingredients & online store locator
Cocoa mixes, baking cocoa, chocolate syrup always verify ingredients

Sylvan Border Farms
Mendocino Gluten-Free Products, Inc.
P.O. Box 277
Willits, CA 95490
800-297-5399 Call for a list of stores or order online


Twin Valley Mills
RR 1 Box 45
Ruskin, Nebraska 68974
Sorghum Flour (substitution for wheat flour in a wide variety of baked goods) Order online

Always verify that the products are gluten free and casein free!

Terra Chips - A Division of Hain Celestial Group, Inc.
58 South Service Rd. #250
Melville, NY 11747
{potato & vegetable chips) Always confirm ingredients!  Specify GFCF when ordering
by mail, phone or online.

Tinkyada - Food Directions, Inc.
129 Melford Dr. Unit 8
Scarborough, Ontario
416-609-0016 Call or email for store locations 
Rice pastas

Tofutti Brands, Inc.
50 Jackson Drive
Cranford, NJ 07016
frozen desserts, cream cheese substitute. See company warning for ingredient confirmation!!
Order online or call for store location 

Tree of Life, Inc. P.O. Box 9000
St. Augustine, FL 32085
Beverages, vegetables, fruit spreads, much more.  Always specify gfcf when ordering by phone or 
online.  Always read labels!  (store locator on website)

Tropical Source - nSpired Natural Foods
14855 Wicks Blvd.
San Leandro, CA 94577 
Dairy free chocolate bars, baking chips, hard candy, lollipops.  Always confirm ingredients!! Store locations on website.

Twin Valley Mills
RR 1 Box 45
Ruskin, NE 68974
gluten free flour from certified food sorghum. Store locator on website and Online ordering available.


Vance's Foods, Inc. 1-800-497-4834
PO Box 627
Gilmer, TX 75644 
Tasty GFCF milk alternative Product available on website and other Health Food/Natural Food Stores

Van's All Natural Waffles
20318 Gramercy Place
Torrance, CA 90501
310 320-8611  
Found in supermarkets and natural food stores in the waffle or specialty frozen food section.

Vegenaise - Follow Your Heart
Canogo Park, CA 91309-0400
Soy Mayonnaise
Website features product information and a listing of store locations.


Walnut Acres Organic Farms
One Ramada Plaza 7th Floow
New Rochelle, NY 10801
Store locator on website

Westbrae Natural
The Hain Celestial Group
734 Franklin Ave #444
Garden City, NY 11530
Store locator online

Will-Pak Foods, Inc.
Harbor City, CA
online ordering/ Some GFCF multiple serving soup mixes add water. 
Always read labels.  Ingredients listed on website.

Wilton Industries
2240 W. 75th St.
Woodridge, IL 60517
Store locator on website
The Ready To Use Decorator Icings in White and Chocolate & Sprinkles


Yorkshire Farms
Swedesboro, NJ
GFCF Meat/ verify GFCF products when ordering Store locator online

United Kingdom GFCF Food Resources

Alara Organic
Organic Gluten Free Muesli Cereal
Luxury Gluten Free Muesli
Note: Wheat free is not the same as gluten free.  Verify ingredients before purchasing on-line.  Always read labels.

A Lot of Chocolate 
Douglas House
33 Douglas Road
0118 375 9 375 UK phone
0044 118 375 9 375 International phone

Allergyfree Direct Ltd. (United Kingdom)
5 Centremead
Osney Mead OX2 OES
phone # 01865 722003
FAX #01865 244134

Allergyfree Direct offers UK home delivery of a wide range of foods suitable for
people suffering from food allergies and/ or intolerances. Virtually all products are
VEGAN and GLUTEN FREE. Most foods are ORGANIC and we do not knowingly
supply any containing genetically modified organisms.

Asda Customer Service
phone  0500100055

Barbara's Kitchen (United Kingdom)
GFCF Flour and many recipes
phone 01443 229304
Retailer of GFCF flours, xanthan gum, GFCF chocolate drops and recipes.

Dietary Specialties
phone  07041544044
GFCF Bread & Cake Mixes

Dietary Needs Direct
Fairfield Court Ind. Units
Fairfield Court
Fairfield Bromsgrove Worcs
B61 9NJ
United Kingdom 
phone 01527 570444

Doves Farm Foods
Salisbury Road
RG17 0RF 
phone 01488 684880
GFCF Flours & Biscuits, etc. UK

Ethical Juicers 
Make your own  "milk" in under 20 minutes from soaked and dried soya beans. There's also a RAW milk program that can make any imaginable plant milk from nuts and seeds, such as hemp milk, in just one minute. Note: not a substitute for providing needed calcium in the diet.
0207 193 6545 phone 

Fresh Food Co
phone  0181 969 0351
Retailer of GFCF Products

General Dietary
phone  02083362323
Retailer of Xanthan Gum

Glutafin (Part of Nutricia Dietary Care)
phone 01225 711801GFCF

Gluten Free Foods Ltd
phone 020 8953 4444

Gluten Free Foods Direct
P.O. Box 156
01757 700636 phone

Goodness Direct
phone 01327871655
Retailer of GFCF Products

Goodness Food

Gourmet Gluten Free Imports
phone  02392647572

phone 01933 273717

Green People
phone 01444 401444

phone 01942 214057

House of Eden Scotland (United Kingdom)
Eden Place
Denhead, Kingswells
Aberdeen AB15 8PT
phone 01224 749288
Retailer of Xanthan Gum, GFCF products

Naish Farm, Stony Lane
Holwell, Dorset DT9 5LJ
Tel: 01963 23597
Fax: 01963 23479
   Carrot Cake
   Amondi Cookies
   Mooosh Bar 

Innovative Solutions UK Ltd.
phone 0845 6013151
Retailer of GFCF flours, xanthan gum, pure flavorings.

KP Foods UK
phone 01530 412771

phone  01491 570000
Retailer of Xanthan Gum

Matthews Foods
phone 01924 272534
GFCF margarines

McCains Foods (GB) Ltd
phone 01723 581230
Frozen potato products.

Meridian Foods Ltd

Nestle UK Ltd 
phone 01904 604604
Sweets, ice lollies and milk shake powder.

Parsonage Pork
phone 01994448255
GFCF sausages, GFCF, nitrate/nitrite free bacon

phone 01603 742002
GFCF Sausages

Plamil Foods Lts.
phone  01303 850588
GFCF milk, chocolate, yogurt, carob drops

phone 02085772727
GFCF milks, yogurt

Pure Organics
phone 01980 626264
GFCF burgers, minced beef, sausages

Safeway Customer Service 
phone 01622712546

Sainsbury’s Customer Service
phone 0800636262

Customer Service phone 01179359359

Tesco Customer Service
phone 0800 505555

Trufree (Part of Nutricia Dietary Care)

phone 01225 711801
GFCF breads, biscuits

UK Organics 
Douglas House
33 Douglas Road
0118 375 9 375 UK phone
0044 118 375 9 375 International phone 

Wheat and Dairy Free Supermarket
Ferndale House
Somerton Hill
TA10 9AD

Note: This supermarket does sell gluten free and casein free products. Remember whenever ordering on-line with any mail order company, always specify products must be gluten free and casein free. If shopping in a supermarket ALWAYS READ LABELS!

 Wheat free does not always mean GLUTEN free. 









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